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These are the brand-new Rolex 2024 models

It’s that time of the year again with the Watches and Wonders 2024 in Geneva, and Rolex just released their brand-new line-up for 2024. We’ve been pretty excited for this moment to come, so read on to find out what’s new within the Rolex collection. Something gold, something heavy, something platinum and full with diamonds: this 2024 line-up from Rolex is getting out of hand.

The brand-new GMT-Master II

With a two-tone bezel in grey and black, a black dial and green inlay this GMT-Master II is the newest addition to the Rolex collection. The GMT-Master II comes on both the Jubilee or the Oyster and is one of the most sought-after watches from Rolex. The cerachrome bezel now features a black and grey insert, which probably needs a new nickname as well, since the GMT-Master II is known for their nicknames, such as the Sprite, Batgirl, Coke and Pepsi

With this new Cerachrom bezel with its 24 hour scale, the numbers are coated with platina and PVD making them sharp and visible. The second time zone hand is green, just like on the original GMT-Master II with the black bezel. This grey-black version of the GMT could just be the best thing that Rolex has done. This brand-new Rolex GMT-Master II sells for €11.100 and bears reference number 126710GRNR.

The coolest: 1908 in platina

In my opinion, this might be the best release from Rolex so far. Damn. This 1908 in 39mm is a beauty, with its bright blue guilloche dial. And a platinum case, fold clasp and a leather strap. This is the Rolex you need! The 1908 features a small second dial at 6 o’clock and the case is made of 950 platinum, with a fluted bezel, a sapphire case back and again, that dial. Sorry, but this is really beautiful! The new 1908 bears reference number 52506 and will set you back €31.500 (if you’re one of the few lucky ones to get your hands on a 1908). The 1908 is one of the hardest watches to acquire I guess, since we haven’t seen one since the release last year in 2023.

Don’t dive too deep: New Rolex Deepsea

I don’t have a clue when it comes to the new 18kt gold Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea, but Rolex claims that it is the first watch ever to combine RLX Titanium, Ceramic and 18kt gold on a watch, making it a light watch to dive deep. With its blue dial (just like the James Cameron version) this 2024 Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea can dive up to 3.900 meter and features a gas escape valve. The brand-new Rolex Deepsea isn’t for everyone’s wrist: it measures 44mm, it features a titanium case back, ceramic bezel and the case, bracelet and clasp are fully 18kt gold. And we’ve got something else to share: it will set you back €54.200. Let that sink in. Not too deep, though. The new Sea-Dweller Deepsea bears reference number 136668LB if you’d like to know. 

Diamonds on a Daytona

Yes, there is a new Rolex Daytona. Well, it isn’t that new to be honest, but Rolex tried. They’ve fitted the watch with an 18-kt gold case and bracelet, and is now available with natural pearl dials as they like to call it. The power of intensity. Yes, something like that. The Daytona can be found on both the Oysterflex or Oyster bracelet, and features a diamond cut bezel, diamond indices and a pearl dial. It’s not my jam, but hey: someone will probably buy it. Speaking of: the new Daytona bears the reference 126589RBR and costs €63.850 on Oysterflex. The full white gold version with the white gold Oyster bracelet is even more expensive at €72.800.

The brand-new 2024 Sky-Dweller

With the latest release of the new 2024 catalog from Rolex, the updated Sky-Dweller is a part of the show. It’s now available in rose gold or yellow gold with the full gold jubilee, which is a first. And it suits the Sky-Dweller pretty good to be honest. It’s way too bulky and big if you ask me, but still: in solid gold this must be a heavy hitter. The new Sky-Dweller in rose gold has a price tag of €54.000 with the jubilee bracelet and bears this reference: 336935. Just so you know.

New Day-Date line-up in 2024

Every year, Rolex decides to update their Day-Date collection. And it’s getting a bit boring if you ask me. Another new dial, some diamonds here and there and that’s about it. They’ve now created a grey dial which has some sort of shadow effect, which looks amazing on the rose gold case and bracelet to be honest, but it’s a bit too flashy I guess. Another new dial is the shiny silver pearl dial with baguette diamonds on the Day-Date, which look really stealthy and not that classy. The best release within the Day-Date collection is the blue/green dial on the Day-Date 36, which looks stunning. This sunburst dial is the one you need for the 2024 line up. Prices of the 228235 (40mm) are mid-40’s: €43.200. 

What is your opinion?

Again, lots of new things in the collection. I am more excited by the updates like the platinum 1908 and the new GMT-Master's. The Daytona and Day-Date updates do not really surprise me any more. To be honest I am way more exited about the Tudor model release for 2024!

What is your opinion? Let us know!

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