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Wristler: Superior Watch Club

We from Wristler, work day in day out, te become Europe's best and safest watch platform. We offer Wristler Certified Dealers to costumers all over Europe to ensure our costumers, that their watch shopping experience is the best it could possibly be. When on this entrepreneurial  journey, some people pick up about what we are doing, and decide they want to share our story. We think that is very kind of them and want to let you all now where we have been featured as of yet! On this page you can see which people recognize our story and our expertise, and work with us to become the best of Europe!

Featured in

Quote magazine

Wristler has been interviewed by the Dutch magazine Quote. The interview can be found in the January 2023 issue of Quote and online (in Dutch). 

Expert-quote about the interview:

At Dutch Founders Fund we believe that value created by adding the layer of trust in the market - through a marketplace - and a driven team can together lead to a potential market winner.

- Patrick Kerssemakers

Quote magazine january 2023
Watches as Investment

LeasePlan Bank - Saving versus Collecting

June 2023 the interview with our Timo has been published. The well-known issue of 'Seeing watches as an investment' has been dealt with here. In this interview, Timo takes you through the aspects that come with investing in Luxury Watches.

Timo about investing in watches:

If you invest in watches: Do Your Own Research. Always. Unfortunately, there are many fake watches and some are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Make sure you know the term 'buy the seller' and check the references where you buy the watch. Read experiences about the jeweller, the company or the platform and make sure you have read up on your dream watch.

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns