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Questions & answers

  • We want to know who’s behind the screen. It’s simple: you can easily add watches to your Wishlist, chat with our preffered partners and choose your next treasure. We will safely store your data, like personal details and your address.
  • We treat your personal data like it’s our kid. For real. We are fully compliant with GDPR-regulations. Read our privacy policy here.
  • You can easily adjust, delete or add your watch online on Wristler. You just have to fill in all of the details. We will receive a notification when you've finished your ad. Once we've checked everything, you will receive an automated message from us that your watch is now visible to the public. Don't forget to share it with friends!
  • We usually check our notifications every 15 minutes. No joke. But it might take a bit longer to get your ad online. Promise: within 48 hours, your ad will be publicly visible. So you can start sharing the right links. Spread the word. So that everyone knows what you've got to offer.
  • You can easily look for your next treasure using the brand and model overview pages or directly use the search bar. You can type anything you are looking for, as our filter automatically adjusts to your needs. Do you want to use more filters? You can easily set it up after searching.
  • Our filter works within milliseconds, as we have the newest technology available. Simply click the available buttons and the filter will automatically switch and show you your next dream watch.
  • Finding the right watch can be quite a journey. The best pieces are gone quickly. Just give us a heads-up on what you are searching and we keep our eyes wide open for you. Since we are close to the fire, we can quickly respond when new relevant stock is coming for you!
  • The watches you saved by clicking on the hearts are all stored in your account. Click the orange button in the top right corner, go to 'My Account' and under 'Favorites' are the watches you saved!
  • Manufacturers use reference numbers to identify each and every watch. Some manufacturers use a specific reference number so they can indicate certain straps, bracelets or even clasp types. You have a specific reference number in mind? Just type it in the search bar and directly see the right results!
  • We only work with certified partners. Or dealers. We check everything before the ad is provided to you. Everything you see online is authentic, legit and safe to buy.
  • Easy as one, two, three. Just like you like it. Search for your preferred watch, ask questions to the seller, or directly do a price proposal. Once you agree on the price, the seller can send you a secured checkout link with the right price. You will then be able to make the payment through one of the many available payment methods. In order to chat, send a price proposal and buy a watch you will need an account at Wristler. Making an account is also super easy and explains itself. If you have any questions let, just chat or call us or send an email.
  • Yes, you can. You just go to the right watch and click on the Price Proposal button. When you are logged in, you can make an offer. The seller will receive a notification and will come back to you soon. Once you agree on the price (shipping excluded), the seller can send you a secured payment link. After payment your money is safe on our third-party Escrow-account until you receive your treasure.
  • All watches have a certain label: available now, in 3-5 days, in 6-10 days, on request, reserved or sold. When it’s still available, you can buy your watch. Shipping will be in the next days, depending on what the seller told you and the location where you want to receive the watch. (please note that shipments can take longer due to busy times at the delivery services).
  • We support multiple European payment providers. You can pay by using your Bank Transfer, iDeal, Bancontact, Sofort, GiroPay, EPS or Przelewy24. After you securely paid with one of the above mentioned payment methods, your money is safe on our third-party escrow account. The money will be there until you receive your watch.
  • We like to keep things simple. And easy. So when you've sold your watch to a fellow enthusiast, we will take care of your money. The money will be on our third-party escrow account until the package arrives according to plan. When it does, we will transfer your money immediately. Did you know you can easily check your pending balance at orders?
  • Yes, it is. As our third-party account will protect your money, you can safely transfer the agreed amount to our account. When your watch is delivered safe and sound, you just give us a thumbs up and we will transfer the money to our partners.
  • Depends. It's simple: for starters you can simply deliver it yourself or with your preferred shipping partner. As soon as we have updated our services, you will be able to ship your sold watches through Wristler. Safe and sound, of course.
  • As soon as you’ve made the payment, the seller receives a notification and will send you the shipping details including track and trace. From that moment on you can easily track your order until it arrives at your doorstep. Or at the office.
  • Yes, it is. We only work with reliable partners, who got it covered for you.
  • The seller determines the shipping costs. You can find them in the advertisement and during the checkout.
  • A Wristler partner is a professional watch company looking to sell their watches through Wristler. Because we only work with the best in the business, we carefully select our partners for you. Everything is checked, and we know our all partners in person, as our salesteam is always on the move for you.
  • Pretty easy. You can contact us through sales@wristler.eu and we will schedule an appointment. We will have some coffee or whiskey and get to know each other. If everything is okay and checked out, we will provide you with your own log-in on Wristler, including your personal dashboard, chats, ads and revenue.
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  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
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