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We work with our certified sellers only. Do you want to be a part of the Wristler family? Just click on the link and we will get back to you within 48 hours. Once you’ve become a certified seller on Wristler, you can easily place your watches online. We will check your ads and send you a notification when everything is ready to go. This usually happens the same day already. You can share the link with your friends, family and others so everyone can see what you are offering.

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Do you want to sell your watches online through Wristler? Sell with confidence. And fill out our contact form below so we can get back to you. Within 48 hours. Once we’ve added you to our preferred seller-list, you can easily place your ads online. With the right description, photos and details. Provide as much as needed and we will take care of your sales.


ChronoSupply about Wristler

’We recently added Wristler as an extra sales channel for our business and it's one of the best decisions of last year. Through the platform we receive numerous requests from watch enthusiasts within the EU, the fees are extremely low and the service is exceeding our high expectations. Additionally, the folks behind the platform are always willing to help and assist when needed. We are planning to expand our book of business and are looking forward to new successes together with Wristler.''

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