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On Wristler you will find over 10,000 watches online from the best sellers from Europe. And we call these sellers Certified Sellers. We have selected these sellers ourselves and after a strict KYC check they are allowed to advertise with us online. All to ensure that you have the best experience when searching for your favorite watch. Our sellers are the best in the world of luxury watches and contribute to this experience: they are always ready to answer your questions, enjoy negotiating and can ship your watch quickly. Just the way it should be.

Close the deal

Negotiate your best deal

Before anxiously waiting for your watch from our Certified Sellers, you can negotiate. And that's easier than you might think. First, on the page of your potential new watch, you'll see some features, where you'll see how quickly the seller responds (between working hours) and you may even be able to make an offer. Not all watches have a negotiable price, but it's a start of the conversation. If you click on the price proposal button, you can enter your desired bid there. Once you click send, the bid will be send to the seller automatically. They will, of course, respond as quickly as possible!

A price proposal is a great way to start the negotiation. A counter offer will most likely follow. You can see the responses through your account, in messages. Once you agree on the price, you will receive a secure payment link from the seller so that you can make payment via, for example, direct debit (such as iDeal, SoFort, GiroPay, among others) or Wire Transfer, whichever you prefer.

You can, of course, ask questions of the sellers on Wristler in the same way. The length of the strap, whether there is discoloration in the dial and if you can receive any additional photos to better assess the condition.

Supply & Demand

What is the best price?

Deciding the amount of your bid can be tricky, but we at Wristler make sure that prices are always fair. Of course you can negotiate, but keep it fair. The watches are offered by the best sellers in Europe and the price is market-based. Now, if you need some extra help determining the right price, we have a standard deviation ready for you via the price proposal button. There you'll see a box where you can close the deal, which is easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • On every product page, there's a button ready for this: "Price Proposal". If you click it, you can easily start negotiating for your next watch. Bidding is allowed, but keep it tidy.
  • Despite the incredibly expensive products, margins are razor thin. Not on every watch has a negotiable price, but it's worth a shot. You can take into account that margins are mostly between 1 to 4%.
  • Margins on these products are razor thin and prices are market-based, so the watches will sell faster than you might expect.
  • Expect a 1% to 4% margin, so it's best to bid in that area.
  • Often our sellers respond very quickly, but evenings and weekends may take a little longer. The product pages of the watches always state the response time of the seller (on business days). There you can see how quickly you can expect a response from the seller. Do you think it takes too long? Please contact us and we will get back to you.
  • Contact Wristler at support@wristler.eu. We'll get to work for you in no time. Promise!
  • On the product page of your favorite watch, you can find the "Ask a Question" button. If you click on it, you can ask your question to the seller.
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  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns