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New 2023 Rolex models: the line-up

With Watches & Wonders 2023, Rolex introduced their new line-up with some new models. Some changes have been made to existing models, but you can find some totally new designs as well, just like the 1908 Rolex. We will tell you all about the new Rolex watches from 2023.

The Rolex Daytona 2023

The iconic Rolex Daytona is such an amazing piece, now available with a sapphire crystal case-back on the 2023 Daytona. You can find a platina blue dial on the Daytona, with the Cerachrome bezel in black on the platina Daytona, but now with a sapphire crystal case-back, making it easier for you to view the movement inside that beautiful piece. They’ve also replaced the 4130 movement with the 4131, with some new innovations added to this caliber: Chronenergy-echappement to reduce energy loss and a updated and upgrated Paraflex part. 

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 1908 2023

An elegant, luxury dress watch from Rolex is the all-new 2023 Oyster Perpetual 1908, this is the newest watch in the 2023 line-up. Inspired by the Oyster Perpetual from 1931, this 1908 Oyster Perpetual is the re-edition. With a small seconds dial, a classic white dial and a solid yellow gold case, this is a beautiful piece to wear on a dressy occasion. You can find the sapphire crystal case-back on this piece as well. The bracelet is made of high-end leather with the solid gold clasp, which looks like a buckle from the outside. With the all-new 7140 caliber you can get this 1908 Oyster Perpetual with a 66-hour power-reserve.

Titanium Yacht-Master 42

In the 2023 line-up from Rolex, you can also find the all-new titanium Yacht-Master in 42mm, with the Cerachrome black bezel, the black dial and the titanium case and bracelet, making it the lightest Yacht-Master 42 ever produced. You might guess that the new titanium Yacht-Master looks a bit like a Submariner Date, but the measurements and caliber are totally different. 

The new 2023 GMT-Master II

With the introduction of the new models, Rolex also released a 2023 GMT-Master II in Rolesor yellow gold and stainless-steel, with the well-known jubilee-bracelet fitted on the GMT-Master II with a black dial, black bezel and golden numerals on the bezel. This piece can also be found in a vintage state, since the GMT-Master was already produced on the jubilee-bracelet back in the days.

The 2023 Explorer 40

A lot of enthusiasts love the Explorer 1 in 36mm, with the black dial and stainless-steel case and bezel. You can now get your hands on the 2023 model, which measures 40mm instead of 36mm and still can be found with the black dial, polished steel bezel and stainless-steel bracelet and case. 

Confetti Oyster Perpetual 2023

One of the watches that really stand out from the rest, is the new 2023 Oyster Perpetual with the well-known light blue Tiffany dial. This blue dial is now filled with colored dots, making it look like the Confetti Oyster Perpetual instead of the Tiffany Oyster Perpetual. You can opt for this Oyster Perpetual 2023 with the Tiffany Confetti dial in 31, 36 and 41mm. 

The new 2023 Sky-Dweller collection

For the first time, you can opt for an Oyster-flex bracelet on the solid 18-karat white gold Sky-Dweller with a dark black dial. This piece looks amazing and will be one of the more popular watches from the 2023 release. You can also get your hands on a blue-green dial or a mint green dial on the Sky-Dweller, making these bigger watches look classy instead of sporty. Expect to pay a large premium when these models hit the grey market. 

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