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Rumor has it.. Discontinued Rolex Models 2024

Yes, we’re back again with another update on one of the most famous brands in the luxury watch market: Rolex. We’ve seen some insight information about the models or dials that will be discontinued in 2024. What’s coming up? We will tell you all about it, to share the latest updates with you.

The Rolex Yacht-Master II: Leaving the catalogue?

Some say it’s probably one of the coolest watches around, some say it’s one of the ugliest watches within the Rolex catalog: the Yacht-Master II. The Yacht-Master II has been in production since 2009 and is still in production in steel, two-tone gold or solid white gold. The steel version is the most affordable Yacht-Master II and will set you back around €15.000 for the 116680. The yellow gold or white gold version will cost you around €35.000, which is some serious money to be fair. On a personal note, I’m not a big fan of the Yacht-Master II since it’s too bulky and shiny, I’d prefer the Yacht-Master on the Oysterflex strap. Reason we’re naming the Yacht-Master II is the fact that rumor has it that Rolex will discontinue this model in 2024. Will there be a successor for the Yacht-Master II or is the fun over? 

Discontinued Dial: No more Motifs?

One of the least popular models within the Rolex Datejust collection is probably the Palm-Dial, which is a dial with a palm motif. It’s available in 36mm and comes as a green version, a champagne palm dial or silver. Starting in 2021, Rolex introduced the palm dial on the 36mm Datejust for the first time. These palm dials can be found on the smooth and fluted bezel Datejusts, and can be found with Rolesor version, steel and white gold piece or the rose gold one. Prices of these watches vary from €12.000 up to €18.000 for the 126284RBR. Rumor has it that Rolex will discontinue the palm dial. What’s your thought on these dials?

New GMT-Master II watches: Coke and Sprite with a twist!?

When taking a look at the Rolex GMT-Master II models, there are some rumors going around town aswell. First and foremost, there is being speculated that the GMT Master 16710 ‘Coke’ is getting a re-edition. This would most likely be a 6-digit GMT master II ending with NRRO (Noir/Rouge). While the neo-vintage 16710 Coke sells for something around €14.000 in like-new condition, the list price for a new GMT-Master II Coke will be somewhere around €13.000. 

The GMT-Master II series has an other piece with some rumors surrounding the watch. This watch is the 126720VTNR, or better known as the Rolex ‘Sprite’ or ‘Lefty’. It is said that this piece wil also be seen with a bezel covered in diamonds. If we are going to see a GMT-Master II lefty covered in stones, it might be a 126720SANR with sapphires and black diamonds. List prices of these watches would probably be close to €80.000. The marketprice of similar pieces like the 126755SARU is upwards of €120.000! Can you believe that?

Rolex Expanding their Catalogue: New models to be added?

There are some rumors going around in the United States about some new models that Rolex will be launching this year. There are sources that tell us that Rolex has registered some new US-Trademark names. These names are the following: Rolex Land-Dweller, Rolex Coast-Dweller, Rolex Oystermatic. This makes it seem like Rolex is exploring the options with retiring the Yacht-Master II, but expanding their Sea-Dweller range. Is this going to be an even more sporty variant of the Sea-Dweller? Only time will tell!

Rolex in 2024: The Salvation will be Watches & Wonders

The world of luxury watches is buzzing with anticipation and speculation as we delve into the rumors surrounding Rolex's plans for 2024. The possibility of the iconic Yacht-Master II being discontinued raises questions about its future, leaving enthusiasts to ponder if a successor will emerge. Meanwhile, the rumored discontinuation of the Palm-Dial in the Datejust collection adds an element of uncertainty for those who appreciate its distinctive motifs. On the flip side, exciting prospects emerge with potential re-editions of the GMT-Master II 'Coke' and 'Sprite' models, featuring unique twists that could captivate collectors. Additionally, the prospect of Rolex expanding their catalogue with names like Land-Dweller, Coast-Dweller, and Oystermatic sparks curiosity about what new adventures the brand may embark upon. As we eagerly await the official announcements that will probably come at the start of Watches & Wonders 2024, one thing is certain – Rolex continues to stir the horological world with its intriguing moves, leaving enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the brand's storied history.

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