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The new Cartier 2024 releases

Watches & Wonders 2024 is the biggest event in haute horlogerie and one of the coolest brands (according to me) is Cartier. And Cartier just announced their new models, designs and something pretty exciting when it comes to CPCP. Some new variations on the Santos, and a completely new feature on the Santos. Want to find out? Read on!

The CPCP Cartier Tortue

The familiar Cartier Tortue is coming back to the CPCP family! The Cartier Privé Collection Paris (CPCP) now offers the 2024 Cartier tortue Monopoussoir. And that just sounds sexy as hell to be honest. Since they’ve released the Tortue in the CPCP family, that means it’s a limited edition and it won’t be available to the public, which is a shame. But, it’s understandable. There are some different options when it comes to the Tortue, such as the Hours/Minutes, and it’s all in the name: a simple two-hander (even without the second hand). The other option is the Monopusher Chronograph, which is my absolute favorite. 

Santos-Dumont Rewind

The Santos collection from Cartier is one of the most popular collections the brand has ever released, and now the French Maison adds another option to the catalog: the Santos-Dumont Rewind. It’s a limited edition Santos-Dumont with a 31.5x43.5mm case and it comes in platinum, with a red-brown dial on Roman numerals. Simply amazing. 

There is another trio that debutes this year in the Santos-Dumont collection, with a sunburst dial in olive, grey or blue. And all with a matching strap, a rose or yellow gold case and a lovely dial with Arabic numerals. The good thing: these aren’t limited!

Santos Dual Time

The bigger brother in the Santos collection is the XL. And you can now find it as a Santos de Cartier Dual Time, with an additional time zone placed at 6 o’clock on the dial. And it looks stunning! The case measures 40.2mm and with the added complication the thickness grew from 9.4mm to 10.1mm, which is something special. 

With the regular Santos collection being around, Cartier announced some new colors, such as a brown dial (a sunburst brown, of course). My thoughts on the Cartier release: loving the Santos Rewind, need to sell everything (including my house) to get my hands on the CPCP Tortue Monopoussoir (that really does sound sexy, right?). 


Together with the release of Tudor, I am very excited about the new introductions by Cartier. Maybe it's because I already love both of these brands, or maybe not. I like them more than the new releases of Rolex and Patek Philippe

What is your opinion on Cartier's new release? Let us know!

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  • 100% Authentic watches
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