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Patek and denim: the 2024 line-up

Patek Philippe just released three brand-new models within their collection at Watches & Wonders 2024 in Geneva. With this new release, it looks like Patek is going denim: the World Time Date, a new Nautilus and Aquanaut all with a denim-vibe. Probably because the modern Patek owner wears jeans. Right? Read on to find out more! 

The new 5330G from Patek Philippe

With the 2024 Watches & Wonders going on, Patek Philippe just released this brand-new Worldtime with a date function! The legacy of the Patek Worldtimer’s goes back to 80 years already, with lots of complications, different models throughout the years and updates. They’ve started out with the 5110 in 2000, the 5130 in 2006 and the 5330G-001 right now, with a blue-grey dial and a calfskin strap (which looks like denim). Pretty cool!

This brand-new Patek features a unique dial with a lovely pattern. The case comes in solid white gold and comes with a sapphire case back, to view the amazing 48-hour power reserve movement. The case measures 40mm and will set you back €65.000 at your local Patek boutique. 

Nautilus self winding Chronograph 5980/60G

The brand-new Nautilus Chronograph with this denim-vibe is a true work of art. With the integrated bracelet made out of calf skin with a denim texture, a denim-like dial this 5980/60G-001 reference just got out at Watches and Wonders 2024. It features a self-winding fly-back chronograph with a white gold case, concentric scales in the mono-counter and white gold applied hour markers with a white luminescent coating. The price at the Patek boutique is €67.000.

The Aquanaut Travel Time 5164G-001

This would probably the go-to Patek be if I would have unlimited funds: the denim styled Aquanaut 5164G-001 in white gold, which is the first travel time in white gold. It has a 40mm case, water resistant up to 30 meters and a sapphire case back to look at that beautiful 26-330 S C FUS caliber. Listed at €53.500, it’s the cheapest one that got released in this list. 


As mentioned, my excitement in the case of Patek's release is limited to the new Aquanaut. If I only had unlimited funds, that would be the one I would buy. The rest of the new models are not inspiring me. The same goes a bit with this year's new Rolex models: a few great changes and a few less great changes. Luckily, Tudor came with a really great release of their 2024 models. Also a lot more affordable compared to Patek. 

What is your opinion on the new release? Let us know!

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