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The new 2024 Tudor models

With the new Tudor watches being released, there are some seriously cool things in their catalog. I’ve been a Tudor-fan ever since and it keeps getting better and better. To be honest, this release is even more exciting compared to their big brother: the Rolex release of 2024. Read on to find out more about the new 2024 collection of Tudor!

The Black Bay 58 GMT

This release is amazing: 39mm, a steel case and available on both the steel riveted bracelet or the rubber strap, the new GMT Black Bay 58 comes with that vintage vibe, just like a 1675 GMT-Master from Rolex. A black dial, rose colored indices and hands and a smaller crown. The new Black Bay GMT has a list price of €4.670 for the black and burgundy dial on a steel bracelet, hile the rubber strap on this GMT will set you back €4.450. But that’s not all!

18k Gold Black Bay 58

Something exciting and truly amazing: a solid 18 karat gold Tudor Black Bay in 39mm, a green bezel, a green dial and damn, this thing looks hot. It’s priced at €32.500 which is the most expensive Tudor so far, but this really is a stunner. A 39mm case, which is the perfect size for a daily if you ask me. This 18k Black Bay 58 from Tudor comes without the crown guard, but with the T-link system to adjust the clasp and a slim case. You can get it on a solid gold bracelet or a leather strap, which is more affordable: €18.250. An awesome addition to the Black Bay 58 collection if you ask me!

Brand-new Tudor Black Bay in 41mm

With a black dial, black bezel, white hands and indices and the 41mm case, the new Black Bay comes in three different flavours. You can opt for the rubber strap, the steel riveted bracelet or the jubilee-styled 5-link bracelet. All these watches look extremely cool and we can’t wait to try them on in the flesh. The rubber strap on the Black Bay 41 is the cheapest at €4.290, the riveted will set you back €4.510 and the 5-link jubilee €4.620. Pretty affordable and amazing divers.

Clair de Rose by Tudor

Another cool release is the smallest Tudor in the collection in 2024: the Clair de Rose which measures 26mm, 30mm or 34mm and comes on a steel case, bracelet and with a blue dial with Roman numerals or Roman numerals and diamonds. These lady-like Tudor watches are a true classic piece already, hich are priced to sell: starting at €2.550 for the smallest size, this really will be a great success.

What is your opinion?

Again, lots of new things in the collection. Although there are fewer changes ade to the Tudor collection, I am more excited about it compared to the 2024  Rolex releases. Both the Cartier release and the Tudor release are awesome, but I am more hyped about the Tudor release. Maybe it's because of my love for Tudor?

What is your opinion on the new release? Let us know!

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  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
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