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Rolex' sister


Most of you will know Tudor as a sister-company from Rolex. Which is correct: Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf is also the man behind Tudor. He wanted to make luxury watches for affordable prices, compared to Rolex. Which happened with cheaper movements but still with the Oystercase and bracelet from Rolex. Nowadays Tudor is a self-operating company and steps aside as the sister-company from Rolex.

Since 1926

The history behind Tudor

The reason why Tudor started was the vision for affordable watches compared to Rolex, as Hans Wilsdorf is the founder of both Rolex and Tudor. With the Oyster-case and Oyster-bracelet being used from Rolex, they’ve added ETA-movements to the wristwatches to make them more affordable. 

Up to this day, Tudor uses the ETA-movements in their watches, but they also manufacture in-house movements since 2015. With the large history of Tudor watches, there is plenty to choose from. You can opt for vintage, pre-owned or modern new timepieces from the Swiss manufacturer, for both men and women. 

Tudor's popular model

The Black Bay

One of the most popular watches in the Tudor collection is the Black Bay. With numerous sizes, materials used on the wristwatches and prices there is plenty to choose from when you’re in the market for an affordable diver’s watch. You can already call it your own for around €5.000 for the Tudor Black Bay Chronograph reference 79350. 

With the same crown

The Tudor Submariner

Many of you will know the Rolex Submariner, but Tudor launched their Submariner as well. This particular wristwatch almost looks the same as the Rolex, where the vintage pieces even feature the same crown on the watch. Tudor produced a smaller Submariner in 36mm as well, which is a highly coveted watch amongst collectors and hard to find. The Tudor Submariner in a vintage state is pretty expensive: sometimes even well above €20.000 for a well-maintained piece. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns