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Everything you need to know about vintage watches

When you’re in the market for a luxury watch, there are many watches to get your hands on. For starters you can opt for a new, unworn piece which comes straight from the retailer or authorized dealer. If you like your watch being a bit older and even tells a story, you might need to look for the vintage watches. What is a vintage watch and when is it called vintage? 

What is a vintage watch?

If you ask people, everything older than 25 years must be called vintage. You can walk into any city center, and you can easily spot the ‘vintage’ stores with clothing, furniture, cars and even watches. A vintage watch needs to tell a story. 

You need to feel the emotion from the past years and even see some minor scratches or signs of wear. That truly is a vintage watch. We can also make it a bit clearer for you: a vintage watch is 25 years or older, sometimes even 100 years or older. 

Different vintage watches

A lot of people will know a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual or a Rolex Datejust, which are the most common watches in the vintage watch market. These watches are available since the 1940s and are extremely popular amongst collectors. If you want to get your hands on a nice preserved Rolex Datejust with the 18-karat gold fluted bezel and the Jubilee-bracelet, make sure to bring at least €6.500 to the table to call it your own. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a bit cheaper, starting at roughly €3.000 on Wristler.

Another great option for vintage watch lovers is the watches from Omega. You can either get your hands on a Seamaster, Calatrava or Speedmaster, depending on your wishes. The Omega Seamaster Cosmic with a automatic movement and a gold plated case measuring 34mm will cost you close to €2.000, while a vintage Speedmaster is a bit more expensive at €6.000 or more on Wristler. 

Other brands

There are a lot of other brands as well that you can opt for when you’re in the market for a vintage watch. What about a nice Vacheron Constantin vintage for roughly €4.000? 

Or the Cartier Must de Cartier Tank starting at €2.000? These pieces are highly sought-after by enthusiasts and are getting more popular every day. We love ourselves some good old vintage watches which tell a nice story. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns