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Rolex Vintage Day-Date

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Vintage Rolex Day-Date

The original Rolex Day-Date was released in 1956, being the first ever wristwatch to feature both the date and day written out in full on the dial. The Day-Date is known for the ‘president’ bracelet, a combination between the Oyster-bracelet and the Jubilee-bracelet. The first ever vintage Rolex Day-Date was released in solid 18-karat yellow gold, and later models featured white gold, rose gold or even platinum. 

References of vintage Day-Dates

Worn by many presidents, actors and other famous people, the Rolex Day-Date is a true icon. The vintage pieces like the reference 6612 or the 1803 are made of solid yellow gold, measure 36mm and feature the well-known president’s bracelet. These pieces tend to go up in value, since prices started skyrocketing all the way up to €30.000 or more for a vintage Day-Date in 36mm. The ‘Noir’ dial in a vintage state even sells for €50.000 and over. 

The vintage Rolex Day-Date can be found on a leather strap with the Rolex buckle for around €12.000 for the reference 1803, in solid yellow and white gold. 

The first Day-Date is the 6611 with the gold dial. These pieces with the 1055 caliber and the president’s bracelet sell for roughly €18.000 on Wristler. When you’re a lover of diamonds, you can opt for diamonds as hour markers on your champagne or gold dial, or even on the black dial. These pieces are a bit more expensive at €23.000 for a vintage Rolex Day-Date in solid gold, measuring 36mm. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns