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from Glashütte

Price and quality balance by Union

When it comes to the history and vision from Johannes Dürrstein, the founder of Union Glashütte, his main focus was to create timepieces which were extremely reliable and precise but without the luxury price tag. Founded in Glashütte, just like Mühle Glashütte, there’s more to come from these German watch brands.

Up and down

With the start of the company, they quickly gained popularity since they started making high-end watches but without the luxury price tag. By integrating advanced manufacturing, Union Glashütte became a prominent name in the German watchmaking industry. But, a couple of years later, in the Quartz-crisis, the brand experienced a decline during this period but was revived by the well-known Swatch Group. 

This revival allowed Union Glashütte to use modern technology and expand their collection. Other brands within the Swatch Group include Omega, Hamilton, Blancpain and more.

The collection

There are a couple of different models within the Union Glashütte catalog, such as the Belisar with a focus on a chronograph or GMT-complication. The Noramis is a vintage inspired watch, paying homage to the mid 20th century. 

The 1893 was named after the year of the brand’s founding, so it celebrates the heritage with classic design and traditional watchmaking, such as a manual wound movement found within the 1893-collection.

Prices of the Union Glashütte watches

Compared to the other brand from Glashütte, Union Glashütte is a bit more expensive. With the 1893 as a three-hander with a small-seconds-dial, this is the cheapest option within the Union Glashütte catalog, starting at just under €1.500. 

The Noramis Chronograph will set you back around €2.500, while the Belisar Chronograph Moon Phase is the most expensive piece in the collection, priced at just under €4.500. Such a complicated watch for that kind of money is a true deal!

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns