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Classic & Crisp

White Dial on Rolex Watches

Rolex produces numerous watches with a white dial, in different materials and different sizes available. The white dial looks crisp, classy and is being produced for years, ever since the release of the Rolex Datejust and Oyster Perpetual. That means you can get your hands on a new, pre-owned or vintage Rolex watch with a white dial. 

White Dial Models

The white dial Rolex watches feature being the women’s models or unisex. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual comes with a white dial on the stainless-steel Oyster-case and bracelet. The bezel is a smooth, polished stainless-steel version on the Oyster Perpetual. The Oyster Perpetual in a vintage or pre-owned state can be found for around €3.000 and up.

When it comes to the Rolex Datejust, you can find a vintage piece or a new piece with the white dial, in both 36 and 41mm. The 36mm features a fluted white gold bezel, while the newer 41mm can also be found on Wristler with a smooth polished bezel, with the Oyster-bracelet or Jubilee-bracelet. The 36mm Datejust is available for roughly €5.500, while the newer 41mm can be found around €12.000 being a brand-new watch. 

The Rolex Daytona and Sky-Dweller also feature a white dial, with the Daytona as a racing watch and the Sky-Dweller being a pilot’s watch. These watches come in stainless-steel or white gold, depending on your budget. The Daytona is priced at around €45.000, while the white dial Sky-Dweller can be found for just under €25.000. 

One of the most popular watches in the Rolex catalog with a white dial, is the Rolex ‘Polar’ Explorer II, with the polar-white dial, Mercedes hour-hand and luminous material on the white hour markers. These watches sell for roughly €10.000 in a pre-owned state, up to €20.000 for a never worn vintage piece. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns