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Pre-owned Rolex

Already since the start of the brand Rolex back in 1905, founded by Hans Wilsdorf, it stood for exceptional quality and perfection. That’s one of the reasons why vintage or pre-owned Rolex watches are popular, even nowadays. If you’re looking to buy a pre-owned Rolex on Wristler, we will guide you through all the steps.

innovation and quality

History of Rolex

In 1910 the company Rolex became the first in the world to be given the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. And today, it still holds that status. The wristwatch company relocated in neutral Switzerland back in 1919, where in the 1930s The King of Speed (Sir Malcolm Campbell) sported a Rolex while setting a land record of 300mph in Utah. 

The Oyster watch was worn in 1933 by the crewmembers who were the first to fly over the Mount Everest. And the Rolex watch exceeded all expectations.

Nowadays all watches are basically based on that Oyster model: this was the first ever watch that could handle almost anything. The pre-owned and vintage Rolex watches are timeless, innovative and extremely precise.

Pre-loved Rolex

Why buy a Pre-owned Rolex watch?

There are multiple reasons to buy a vintage or pre-owned Rolex watch. For starters, the pre-owned watches are available since it’s an absolute crime to buy a new Rolex watch from your local authorized dealer. The second-hand Rolex watches can still be new with full stickers, but it already had one or more owners. You will have to pay a bit of a premium to get your hands on a Rolex, but at least you don’t have to wait for years to finally get the call from your dealer.

Another thing with pre-owned watches from Rolex is that there is a story to tell. When you look at some of the pieces sold on auctions, these are extremely rare and tell a story. 

For example: the Dalai Lama once wore a Rolex watch. When you want to buy this exact watch, you will need to pay top money for it. For other vintage or pre-owned watches, you won’t have to pay that kind of money.

Rolex has a standard 5-year warranty on every new watch. World-wide. So, when you buy a pre-owned Rolex watch from 2019, you still have factory warranty throughout the world. And that’s exactly why people are buying pre-owned Rolex watches.

Popular Pre-owned Rolex watches

There are some watches popular amongst collectors. For example, the Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona. The iconic actor and race driver allegedly wore a Daytona every day from 1972 until his death in 2008. These watches are expensive and hard to find. Good news: we have some of these watches available on Wristler.

Another watch that is popular is the Rolex Datejust. This model is divers, with different types of colors, dials, bezels, bracelets and materials. You can either find yourself a Lady Datejust in 28mm or buy a newer Rolex Datejust 40mm two-tone with its Jubilee bracelet. 

Since the beginning of the Datejust its one of the most popular and well-known models in the Rolex collection.

If you don’t mind wearing a slightly bigger watch, you might consider the GMT-master II or a lovely pre-owned Submariner. These watches measure 40mm and can be found on Wristler for around €13.000 to €25.000. The GMT-master II was originally designed to meet the demands and needs of pilots, pushing boundaries of human achievement. The Rolex Submariner was the divers watch while the divers were pushing their limits as well.

Prices of the Pre-owned Rolex watches

Since there is a lot to choose, you can find something that suits your needs. And wallet. You can start buying a vintage or pre-owned watch for around €3500 for a really cool Air-King. If you want to spend some more, you can even buy a Datejust, Day-Date or a Daytona

Another great watch from Rolex is the Yacht-Master. This watch is for sale on Wristler for around €28.000 and available in different styles, materials and bracelets. In other words: you can buy your pre-owned Rolex watch from €3500 to €100000. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns