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Rolex Platinum watches

When it comes to the Rolex collection, there are plenty of materials used on their watches, such as rose gold, stainless-steel and platinum. The platinum collection is only for specific watches, such as the Day-Date, Yacht-Master and Daytona. These models come with different colors on the dial, such as bright blue, grey, ice-blue and dark blue.

Different Rolex platinum watches

One of the watches that is partly made of platinum and is the least expensive, is the Rolex Yacht-Master 37 or 40, with a dark blue dial or grey dial bearing reference 116622. 

These Yacht-Master watches feature a platinum bezel and luminous materials on both the hands and indices. Starting at roughly €10.000 for a pre-owned platinum Yacht-Master, it’s the cheapest one around in the platinum collection from Rolex.

The president’s watch, or the Day-Date, is also available in platinum with the day written out in full in different languages and the Cyclops-lens for the date. These Day-Date watches in platinum come in 36mm or 40mm, on the three-piece president’s bracelet and can be found with a light blue dial, meteorite dial, silver diamond dial or green dial. Expect to pay at least €100.000 or more to get your hands on a platinum Day-Date.

Discontinued in 2023, but still really popular amongst collectors: the platinum Daytona bearing reference 116505 with the light blue dial, platinum case and bracelet will set you back at least €120.000 or more, depending on the year of production and state of the watch.

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns