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Rolex Cellini watches

With the Rolex Cellini models in the Rolex catalog, these watches are the perfect fit when elegance takes place. The perfect dress-watch for both men and women made of precious materials and worn on a leather strap, make the Cellini collection stand out from the other Rolex models.

The Cellini collection

In the very beginning of the Rolex brand, Rolex used Cellini for individual models at irregular intervals. A couple of years later, they’ve decided to make sure that it became its own collection within the Rolex catalog. 

It really differs from other tool watches, like the Daytona or Submariner, where the Cellini watches are focused on elegance and dressy design. You can opt for models like the Cellini King Midas, Danaos and Prince, all with the same idea: a flat crown and solid gold cases.

Some features that were added in 2014 to the Cellini collection were Roman numerals, guilloche dials and tapered lancet hands. You can opt for a white gold, rose gold or yellow gold Cellini and these watches even come with complications like a moon phase. 

When it comes to pricing, the Cellini collection from Rolex starts at roughly €4.000 for the 3805, which is a solid yellow gold watch. The Cellini Prince and King Midas are a bit more expensive, starting at roughly €10.000 in the pre-owned market. The most expensive Cellini is the 50535, which is the Cellini Moonphase in rose gold, and comes with a pointer date and moon phase complication. Expect to pay somewhere around €35.000 pre-owned up to €45.000 brand-new. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns