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Traditional Swiss Watchmaking


Innovative technologies and a diverse portfolio for the Swiss watchmakers Montblanc. From classy looking timepieces to a tourbillon or a state of the art smartwatch: the Swiss manufacturer Montblanc does it all. You might know the Montblanc brand from world-class writing utensils. But they’ve been a watchmaker since 1997, making it well-known in the established luxury watch market.

Since 1997

The history of Montblanc

Since 1997, the company factory Le Locle, Switzerland, is the base of the watchmaking for Montblanc. They’ve adhered to the strict quality standards established decades ago with their famous Meisterstück pen collection. Their first ever wristwatch collection was called the Meisterstück as well, which is no surprise. 

Prices of Montblanc watches

When you’re in the market for a luxury watch from this Swiss brand, you can opt for the Bohème watches which are made for women. These watches feature a stainless-steel case and cost you around €1.000, while you can also opt for 18-karat gold which are a bit more expensive. If you’re a fan of GMT-watches, opt for the TimeWalker Chronograph UTC with a black coated stainless-steel case. You can call it your own for €3.500. If you’re willing to spend some more cash on a Montblanc watch, you might need to take a seat. 

You can easily spend well over €100.000 for the Montblanc watches, like the Villeret exoTourbillon Rattrapante reference 111823. These limited watches are numbered to 18 and will cost you at least €215.000 if you are lucky enough to find one. The TimeWriter II Bi-Fréguence 1000 is even more expensive at €230.000 which is accurate up to thousandths of a second with a limited run of 36 watches. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns