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One of the oldest brands in the watch industry is Mido, founded by Georges Schaeren in 1918. It’s been known for the Multifort, but there’s plenty more to get your hands from if you’re in the market for a Mido watch. Fun fact: Mido means ‘I measure’, since the Spanish use ‘Yo Mido’. It clarifies the brand’s basis: precision and accuracy.

History of Mido

From the early 1920s the brand was known for their colorful way to inspire people with watches, totally different compared to the rest of the market. The dial colors at Mido were extremely popular amongst car enthusiasts, since they looked like the radiators of cars. A couple of years later, in 1930, Mido produced one of the very first anti-magnetic watches with an automatic movement, which is called the Multifort. This model became a symbol throughout the years and is probably the most sought-after Mido watch around.

When it comes to the Swiss manufacturer Mido, they’ve been pioneering their way through the luxury watch market. At first with the Multifort, but later on with the Ocean Star. A totally new design with a one-piece casedesign which improved water-resistance to another level. Keep in mind: this was in 1959! It was some sort of ‘monocoque’, which is also used in motorsport. 

Well-known group

One of the biggest watch groups in the current market is the Swatch Group, which houses Omega, Blancpain, Swatch but also Mido. Since Mido became a part of the Swatch Group, they could increase their production volume to new levels and become a bigger brand! The thing you notice is that back in the day, Mido was a pioneer with new techniques and designs. 

Nowadays, Mido is a bit more on the background when it comes to design and unique features. There are some special editions of course, with a skeletonized dial Multifort, which looks incredible compared to the rest of their catalog.

Essence and models

Mido is known for their precision as that is exactly what their brand means in Spanish. With lots of designs, models available and lots of enthusiasts looking for vintage, pre-owned or brand-new Mido watches, there’s a pick for everyone. There are some well-known models such as the Ocean Star, the Multifort (which is COSC certified) and some complications like a chronograph, day & date function, a power-reserve indicator and a GMT.  

Even with all these complications, differences and options, Mido is still really affordable compared to other brands in the luxury watch market, and even compared to other brands within the Swatch Group. You can already get your hands on a Mido for around €1.100 being brand new, such as the Mido Ocean Star with a green dial. If you’re in the market for a GMT or chronograph from Mido, you can spend up to €2.300 for a brand new piece.

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns