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What is the Connection between Rolex and Tudor?

Alright, let's take a closer look at the fascinating connection between two heavyweights in the watch world, in this case these are Rolex and Tudor. You might be aware that Tudor is a big deal when it comes to luxury watches, but did you know these guys have a kind of secret handshake with Rolex? It’s like they share the same watchmaking DNA, and it goes beyond just having good looking watches. Ever noticed how some Tudor watches look suspiciously similar to certain Rolex models? Take the Black Bay Chrono, for instance, they even call it the Black Baytona. Strange, right? Let’s dive deeper into the relationship between these two iconic brands!

A Shared Legacy

So, way back through the years, in 1905, a watchmaking genius named Hans Wilsdorf founded Wilsdorf and Davis, which was in 1908 changed to the brand we still know now, Rolex. Fast forward to 21 years later, in 1926 he decides to sprinkle some of that Rolex magic onto a new brand called Tudor. His plan? Make watches that are as top-notch as Rolex but won’t break the bank. Sort of budget, or more bang for your buck than the watches from the big crown. Thus, the Tudor legacy was born, and the connection with Rolex became more than just business, it was family.

Harmony in Design

Now let’s talk about looks. While Tudor was registered in 1926, the same year as the Oyster case came in production, Tudor started their production in 1932 with mostly rectangular and cushion shaped wristwatches. In 1946 however, this started to change. Tudor took use of the Rolex Oyster cases and they appeared as 34mm steel manual watches. Back in the day, Tudor not only used Rolex their Oystercase, but also the watch crown featured the recognizable Rolex logo. 

Even in the later days, there are still a lot of similarities between the watches from these brands. The newer Tudor models like the Black Bay often comes on a so called ‘Tudor 5 Link’ Bracelet. You probably notice that this bracelet looks awfully similar to the ‘Jubilee’ bracelet that Rolex features on, for instance their Datejust and GMT-Master models. The bezels used on their Diving watches, like the Rolex and Tudor Submariner models are also very comparable. Same goes for the Tachymeter bezel that is seen on the Rolex Daytona and the Tudor Black Bay Chrono (Baytona). Or what about the Rolex Mercedes hands, that they feature on their sport models? I would say that the iconic Tudor Snowflake hands might have gotten their inspiration from that.

Shared movements

Like many watch brands, Tudor and Rolex have also been spotted using watch movements from external manufacturers. The very early Rolex Daytona’s also featured Valjoux chronograph movements, instead of their own movements. The same goes for Tudor, who used Valjoux movements for their chronograph watches, but also used ETA movements. Tudor started to shift away from these ETA movements in 2015 and are now mostly using their own in-house watch movements. Tudor also used the MT56.. ‘In-House’ movements in for instance their Pelagos watches, which are actually based on the Rolex 3135 Caliber movements, which are featured in Rolex their Submariner, Sea-Dweller and even other watches. Tudor needed a workhorse movement and had to look no further than the durable movements Rolex featured in their sport models. 

Distinct Identities

Now, don’t get it twisted, even though Rolex and Tudor share a cozy connection, each brand has its own style. Rolex is like the flashy, well-dressed cousin who shows up to the family party in a Rolex Day-Date. Tudor, on the other hand, is the adventurous sibling, with watches that scream, "Let’s go on a wild journey together!". These watches are more adventurous and made for day-to-day wear. Both these brands have their own lanes, and that's what makes them special.

The Future of Rolex and Tudor 

Tudor isn’t just riding on Rolex's coattails. Over the years, they've grown into a force to be reckoned with. They're not just the more affordable option; they're making waves in the watch world with innovative designs, cool materials, and cutting-edge tech. It's like watching the underdog become a heavyweight contender. So, what's next? The story of Rolex and Tudor is still unfolding. With advancements in tech, crazy new materials, and designs that we can't even imagine, the future looks bright for both. Whether you're saving up for a Rolex or eyeing that slick Tudor on your wrist, one thing's for sure, these brands are cooking up some exciting stuff.


As we wrap up this journey into the intertwined world of Rolex and Tudor, it's clear these brands are more than just watches, they’re storytellers, weaving tales of precision, style, and innovation. So, whether you're rocking a Rolex that shouts success or a Tudor that screams adventure, you're part of a legacy that's standing the test of time. Cheers to the watches that don’t just tell time; they tell a story.

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