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Serious heritage


Of course, some of the fouders of great brands have some cool history, but things hit different when it comes to Helmut Sinn, a World War II pilot and flight instructor. He founded the company back in 1961, as Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren. The company, based in Frankfurt, quickly gained a reputation for its pilots and navigation watches. Durable, easy to read, precise and essential as a tool. 

Different models & prices

The pilot’s watches are the most iconic ones in their collection, such as the Sinn 103 and 104. Sinn uses easy to remember names, in case you’ve got too many watches. The 103 and 104 feature a chronograph, rotating bezels and wear like a charm if you’ve got slightly bigger wrists. There are some diving watches as well, such as the U1 and U2. The EZM watches (Einsatzzeitmesser) include watches designed for specific missions and professional use. For instance, the EZM 1 was developed for German Special Forces and features a left-handed crown for ease of use. 

When it comes to pricing, the watches come pretty cheap compared to other complicated watches in the market. You can get your hands on a pre-owned Sinn starting at roughly €1.000, such as the 556. The Sinn 144 ST Chronograph will set you back around €2.350, and the classic 103 will cost a bit more, around €4.000. Depending on your budget, there’s a Sinn that meets your needs!

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns