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Modern precision from Garmin

Luxury smart watches really is a thing nowadays. Back in the day, you could opt for a complicated watch with a moon phase or a different time zone, but if you’re in the market for the best smart watches out there, Garmin is probably the way to go. With their Marq-collection, there’s plenty to choose from with some special editions as well. Keep in mind: these watches aren’t cheap. 

The Marq-collection

Garmin is known for their GPS technology and wearable devices, so they introduced the Marq series as a combination of a smart watch and a luxury feel to it. It only launched in 2019, but it’s already really popular amongst a great audience. 

Each Marq-smartwatch features their superior GPS technology offering precise navigation and tracking capabilities, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Made of titanium (Grade 5), ceramic bezels and sapphire crystal these watches are meant to last.

Special editions from Garmin

If you’re in the market for a Marq from Garmin, there are some special editions made for your activity and personality. You can opt for the Marq Athlete, which is designed for serious athletes, with advanced fitness metrics, recovery time, running dynamics and plenty more. A lightweight titanium case and a rubber strap make these watches very comfortable. The Marq Adventurer is for outdoor enthusiasts, with topographic maps, a barometer, altimeter, compass and can be worn on a leather strap. 

The Driver from Marq is about motorsport: a tachymeter bezel, lap splits, preloaded track data: this is the one to go for if you’re just as crazy about cars as we are. The Marq Aviator is built for pilots, with aviation maps, airport information and a Nexrad weather radar. Multi-link titanium bracelet and a GMT bezel are a perfect fit.

Pricing of the Marq watches

When it comes to pricing of these unique smart-watches from Garmin, you will need to spend some serious amounts. Starting at €1.000 for the base model, the Garmin watches are pretty expensive for a smart-watch. The Athlete will set you back €1.400 or more, while the Driver is around €2.000. 

A lot of money for a little computer on your wrist, but if you’re a true enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with the Marq-collection from Garmin. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns