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Price Increase Rolex 2024

Yes, there is the confirmation: Price Increase Rolex just when 2024 started. 


With the start of the new year, there are things happening overnight that we don’t see coming. But the thing we have seen coming is another increase in the retail prices at Rolex. We’ve written about the rumours a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s time to reveal the real price increase!

Increase of the Two-Tone GMT

With one of the latest releases Rolex did in 2023, the GMT with the Jubilee bracelet in Rolesor yellow gold and steel and the new, updated case on the GMT, it was already a really popular watch. Grey market prices started at roughly €40.000 when it was just released, but now these prices settled at around €19.000 for a brand-new piece. 

What about the list prices of these GMT masters, bearing reference number 126713GRNR? The official list price in 2023 was €16.650, but now, a couple of hours into 2024 the same exact watch will set you back €17.350. That’s a €700 price increase. A 4% on top of the old price! The gap between the so called grey market and retail is now even thinner, with a premium under €2.000. And the best thing about the grey market is that you don’t have to wait for years to get it on the wrist. Why on earth would you want to buy this Rolex GMT at the AD? No clue, to be honest.

The Datejust 36

One of the most common models in the Rolex catalog is the Datejust in 36mm. On a jubilee, a white gold fluted bezel and a ‘regular’ dial without diamond hour markers, this watch with reference 126234, will set you back €8.950. Oh wait, that was last year in 2023. In 2024 there is an increase of €350, so now the exact same watch will set you back €9.300

The same size Datejust with a smooth steel bezel and reference 126200 was €7.300. If you're even able to get such one at the AD right now, you should bring €7.700 to the table. An increase of 4%. 

It’s a crazy ride when it comes to the price increases of Rolex over the past 2 years, since a Datejust almost costs €10.000 on retail, so just a little Wristler tip from us, to you: buy second hand or vintage. Much more affordable compared to these modern watches in the Rolex catalog.


Oh please, don’t get us started on the Daytona. We’ll rip off the band aide right away, with the new 2024 retail price of €15.700. That again, is €600 higher compared to the €15.100 you would pay hours ago and an increase of 4%. Just let that sink in, and start wondering what is going on at Rolex. 

Even a bigger increase for the two-tone Rolesor Daytona, which is now €20.500 in 2024. It increased with over 5% from €19.500. And you can get your hands on a new Daytona two-tone on the grey market for €1.500 more, right away without having to wait numerous years to get it from your AD. 

An overview of the increase 

Model2023 price2024 priceIncrease
Submariner Date 126610LN€        10.250 €        10.700 4,4%
Submariner Starbucks 126610LV€        10.800 €        11.200 3,7%
Day-Date 128239 €        37.900 €        39.400 4,0%
Datejust 126234€          8.950 €          9.300 3,9%
Datejust 126200€          7.400 €          7.700 4,1%
Daytona 126500LN€        15.100 €        15.700 4,0%
Daytona 126503€        19.500 €        20.500 5,1%
Air-king 126900€          7.450 €          7.700 3,4%
Explorer II 226570€          9.650 €        10.050 4,1%

Overall, again a pretty big price increase. The first of increase of this year, and it's not guaranteed that it will be the last one for 2024. So pick your battle wisely: a place on the waiting list or buying the grey market? We know what we would do!

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  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
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