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Popular watch brands for 2023

Which watches and brands are the most popular for 2023?

We think we know an awful lot about watches. And of course there are more connoisseurs. But based on our data and what we see happening in the market, we think we can make a very well educated guess.  When we look at the (online) range of different brands, we see that a number of brands are becoming extremely popular. And when demand is rising and the supply sticks at the same level, there is only one thing that can happen with the prices. Exactly, they rise! That could just be the best investment of 2023.


One such brand that is wildly popular is Breitling. Of course, for many years now, this brand has been known for its pilot watches, special designs and unique features such as the bezel on the Navitimer. However, we see that the supply on the so-called gray market is increasing considerably, while the so-called Breitling boutiques are becoming increasingly difficult about delivering the watches. What you then get is a price increase on the gray market, just as what has been happening with Rolex for the past few years. Popular models of today are, for example, the Chronomat, for both men and women (with that cool stainless-steel strap) in different colors, such as silver, light blue, green and dark blue.

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Secretly, Cartier is one of our favorite brands. Elegant designs, often smaller in size and mega retro. And apparently, we don't just think that Cartier watches are great. Through Wristler there are a lot of requests for Cartier watches, such as the Santos and the Tank. These watches are available in different sizes, colors and materials and are (still) reasonably affordable. What is the potential of Cartier in 2023? Of course, we don't have a crystal ball. But we think that Cartier is going to make a serious rise in popularity and therefore also in demand. And with the limited supply, this will probably cause a price increase.

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Perhaps the most unknown known brand: Tudor. Known as the sister brand of Rolex, founded by Hans Wilsdorf (founder of Rolex). Tudor is known for its recognizable designs, but with other timepieces if you can compare the watches with Rolex. Vintage Tudor watches such as the Prince Oyster are still reasonably affordable, but a vintage Tudor Submariner (even in 36mm, a secret favorite) can easily cost around €10,000. And we expect these watches to become even more expensive in 2023.

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Another well-known brand is of course Omega. The first watch on the moon. And so many different designs, styles and sizes available. From a pre-owned Constellation for both men and women to the well-known 42mm Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch: something for everyone. We have now seen the price lists for 2023 of Omega's new watches, and they don't lie: average price increase of 12%. And that is of course quite good when you already own an Omega. But it could also mean that your next Omega suddenly becomes a lot more expensive. So be quick.

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Of course, we are not a financial advisor, so the above is purely speculative and based on the data generated from our online platform. Do you want to know more about watches or read other articles from us? See below! Also, you can browse the available watch brands list to see if there's something that fits your needs.

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