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The Sizes and Variations of the world-renowned Cartier Tank!

Cartier is often known for their high-end jewelry, but luckily for us watch enthusiasts, they have been part of the watch game for a long time as well. Don’t underestimate their role in the watch market. As of 2020, they sold somewhere close to 490.000 watches in a year with a revenue of close to €1.7 billion. Most of these watches tend to be their iconic Cartier Tank. The Cartier Tank was first introduced in 1917 and has been seen since then in loads of different sizes and variations. Finding the Tank you like the most, can be very difficult with all these different sizes. That is why we want to enlighten you with this overview of all the different models and their sizes. You can see this as a buyer’s guide, when you are in the market for a vintage or newer Cartier Tank.

The Cartier Tank - Something soothing for everyone!

The squarish Cartier Tank models can be seen in lots of different models, sizes and variations, as you can see in the table here. The approximate sizes start with the case width and then the case height follows. Are square Cartier Tanks not really the watches you are looking for, but you do like the elegant and iconic design? There are also round Cartier Tank models, or even other Cartier Santos models that may be of your liking.


ModelSmall SizeMedium SizeLarge SizeExtra Large Size
Cartier Tank Louis/23mm x 29.5mm25.5mm x 33.5mm35mm x 40mm
Cartier Must20mm x 28mm22mm x 29.5mm25.5mm x 33.5mm31mm x 41mm
Cartier Tank Américaine19mm x 35mm22.5mm x 41.5mm26.5mm x 45mm32mm x 52mm
Cartier Tank Française20mm x 25mm25mm x 30mm28mm x 32mm30.5mm x 36.5mm
Cartier Tank Solo/24mm x 31mm27mm x 35mm31mm x 40mm
Cartier Tank Anglaise22.5mm x 30mm26mm x 35mm30.5mm x 39mm36mm x 47mm

Cartier Tank Louis: where it all started

The Cartier Tank Louis, named after the founder Louis de Cartier, was the first Cartier Tank that followed the Cartier Tank Normale. This is the most iconic model, and it has seen the wrists of famous people, like Muhammed Ali, Kanye West and Steve McQueen. The size where it all started had a case size of 23mm x 29.5mm. Some might say this is on the smaller side, others will say this is just a perception of fashion. Even the big Muhammed Ali saw the elegance and decided to wear one. If this is not big enough for you, there is a newer and larger model with a case size of 25.5mm x 33.5mm. This is already a pretty hefty piece to wear on the wrist. When you are a big guy, and even this size is a bit too small for you, you are still in luck. The lesser seen Cartier Tank Louis XL measures 35mm x 40mm. The prices of the Cartier Tank Louis vary a lot. The smaller pieces start anywhere from €3.000 and the larger models, some with diamond-set cases, can be seen for somewhere around €20.000. 

Cartier Must: Affordable Elegance with a Touch of History

The Cartier Must, introduced in 1977, is a collection that blends affordability with the luxury and iconic design that Cartier is renowned for. These watches come in a variety of sizes, catering to different tastes and preferences. The vintage small model measures around 20mm x 28mm and offers a classic, timeless look. For those who prefer a more contemporary design, the newer small version comes in at 22mm x 29.5mm. The larger vintage models, sometimes referred to as Large or XL, have dimensions of approximately 25.5mm x 33.5mm, offering a bolder statement. If you're looking for a larger and more modern timepiece, the New Extra-Large version is sized at 31mm x 41mm. The Cartier Must de Cartier collection is not only a testament to affordability but also a piece of Cartier's history and heritage. These watches can be found around the €1.000 mark, for the smaller vintage models. When looking at the bigger and newer models, these can be found from €4.000 to around €6.500 for watches with diamond-set cases.


Cartier Tank Américaine: A Taste of the American Market

In 1989, Cartier introduced the Cartier Tank Américaine, a watch that reflects the preferences of the American market. This collection showcases a distinct elongated design and draws inspiration from the Art Deco style. The smaller model comes in at 19mm x 35mm, offering a compact yet elegant option. The medium-sized Cartier Tank Américaine measures approximately 22.5mm x 41.5mm, providing a balance between style and functionality. For those who prefer a bolder statement, the large model has dimensions of approximately 26.5mm x 45mm. There is even an extra-large model with a case size of 32mm x 52mm. The Cartier Tank Américaine is a testament to Cartier's ability to adapt its designs to different markets and styles. Prices for the Cartier Tank Américaine can vary based on factors such as materials and additional features, but they typically range from €8.000 for the normal size to €16.000 and upwards for the XL.


Cartier Tank Française: Sporty Elegance

The Cartier Tank Française, introduced in 1996, is a watch collection that brings a touch of sporty design to the classic Tank shape. The smaller size measures approximately 20mm x 25mm, offering a compact and versatile option. The medium-sized Cartier Tank Française, with dimensions of around 25mm x 30mm, strikes a balance between style and wearability. If you prefer a larger and bolder look, the large model has dimensions of approximately 28mm x 32mm. For those who seek an even more substantial timepiece, the newer and larger model measures approximately 30.5mm x 36.5mm. The Cartier Tank Française is a testament to Cartier's ability to adapt its iconic design to different tastes and occasions. Prices for the Cartier Tank Française vary depending on factors such as the material used and any additional features, with the smaller entry-level models starting around €3.000 and prices increasing for higher-end variations.


Cartier Tank Solo: Iconic in Steel

The Cartier Tank Solo, introduced in 2004, is often associated with steel construction, offering a more versatile option. This collection is available in a range of sizes to cater to various preferences. The medium-sized Cartier Tank Solo has dimensions of approximately 24mm x 31mm, providing a balance between elegance and wearability. The larger version measures approximately 27mm x 35mm, and for those who prefer a more substantial presence on the wrist, the extra-large model is sized at approximately 31mm x 40mm. The Cartier Tank Solo is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the iconic Tank design with a touch of versatility. Prices for the Cartier Tank Solo can vary widely based on factors such as materials, complications, and design elements. Entry-level models typically start at just above €2.000 and range up to €6.000 depending on the configuration.


Cartier Tank Anglaise: A Modern Twist in Various Sizes

The Cartier Tank Anglaise, introduced in 2012, brings a modern twist to the classic Cartier Tank design. This collection offers a variety of sizes to suit different preferences. The smaller size, measuring approximately 22.5mm x 30mm, provides a compact yet stylish option for those who appreciate understated elegance. The midsize model comes in at approximately 26mm x 35mm, offering a balanced blend of sophistication and wearability. For those who prefer a larger and bolder statement piece, the large Cartier Tank Anglaise has dimensions of approximately 30.5mm x 39mm. If you're looking for an even more substantial and striking watch, the extra-large model measures approximately 36mm x 47mm. The Cartier Tank Anglaise collection combines modern aesthetics with the timeless appeal of the Tank design. Pricing wise, the smaller models start at somewhere around €4.000. The bigger models start at around €10.000 and upwards.


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