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Cartier Panthère

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beauty and grace

The Cartier Panthère

You might guess that the French word for panther is panthère, since the Cartier watch share their beauty and grace with the namesake wildcat. You can only get your hands on the best materials used on the Cartier Panthère such as gold and diamonds. Prices vary between €5.000 and €125.000 making it a watch for almost everyone. 

immediately popular

All about the Cartier Panthère

With the first release of the Cartier Panthère back in 1914 it was immediately popular with the round case which was framed with a square dial with Roman numerals. In the early 80s, Cartier relaunched the Panthère collection with a more modern look and featuring the watches with highly precise quartz movements. They might even look like the Cartier Santos with the similar square shape. 

When you’re in the market for a Cartier Panthère watch, you can already call it your own for roughly €5.000 for the WSPN0007 made of stainless-steel, without diamonds and measuring 37x27mm, making it a perfect unisex watch. 

The two-tone stainless-steel and yellow gold version is priced at €7.200 on Wristler. If you need your watch to be filled with diamonds, the stainless-steel 30mm W4PN0007 is the one you should consider, costing €7.500 or more, depending on the state of the watch. 

The premium materials used on the Cartier Panthère like yellow gold, rose gold and white gold are a bit more expensive. Starting with the yellow gold 30mm Panthère, this watch sells for around €20.000, while the white gold version with diamonds is at €28.000. 

The most expensive watch in the Panthère collection is the white gold 37mm unisex watch with diamonds for €110.000. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns