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Pre-Owned Breitling

With an exquisite history of watches in the making since 1884, pre-owned or vintage Breitling’s are highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors making these watches a solid investment over the years. With different materials being used, different case sizes and models there is always a Breitling which will suit your needs and budget.

A varying collection

Different Breitling models

Ever since 1884, Breitling produced numerous models for different occasions. Starting with the well-known and all-time classic Navitimer, this watch is the ultimate pilot’s watch to wear. If you’re into diving, you can pick the Superocean series, or the Transocean. All of the other models include the Chronomat, Chronospace, Colt, Crosswind, Endurance, B for Bentley, Avenger, Aerospace, Galactic, Montbrilliant or a nice Wings Lady. 

Since Breitling produced so many different models, you can already get your hands on a nice Breitling Colt Quartz for around €1.200 on Wristler. If you’re lucky enough to spend some more budget on a nice wristwatch, you can spend all the way up to €25.000 for a pre-owned or vintage Breitling.

Why choose pre-owned?

Pre-Owned Breitling vs new one

Because the Swiss manufacturer is around since 1884, there are a lot of watches available. Since 2022 it is a bit harder to get your hands on a new Breitling watch, because of materials used and scarcity. That’s one of the reasons why collectors and enthusiasts search for the best pre-owned or vintage Breitling watches around. You can find numerous pre-owned watches on Wristler.

Breitling is known for their bigger wristwatches like the Chronomat or the Avenger (II). These watches measure up to 50mm, but you can also opt for the smaller watches like a pre-owned Premier 40 Automatic measuring 40mm making this Breitling watch the perfect daily. You can also search for a 43mm Transocean or the Superocean which is 1mm smaller in case size.

A smartwatch by Breitling

Breitling Exospace B55

With the Exospace B55 from Breitling the Swiss manufacturer entered a new level of watch making. You can connect your phone through Bluetooth and set up different functions, like an alarm, UTC time, countdown timer and a chronograph. 

The quartz-movement B55 ticks away inside the case and is 10 times more precisely compared to the average quartz-movements. You can get your hands on one of these watches for around €6.000 if you’re a lover of a classic look with some new features built in.


B for Bentley

Ever since 2003, Bentley and Breitling partnered up and they regularly release special editions in their collection. With the B for Bentley Breitling Premier Centenary, they’ve marked the 100-year anniversary of Bentley back in 2019. 

This model was limited to 1.000 pieces worldwide and prices tend to go up to €25.000. You can either pick a nice pre-owned Bentley Continental GT for around €25.000, or a limited B for Bentley Breitling watch for the same amount of money. We bet that the watch is rarer compared to the car. 

Prices of the pre-owned Breitling

Because the Swiss manufacturer is around for decades, they’ve produced a lot of different watches. For every wrist and every budget, you can get your hands on a nice, well-maintained pre-owned Breitling. Starting at around €1.000 for a Colt with a Quartz-movement, you can call it your own. For around 3 to €4.000 you can opt for a Premier, Avenger, Superocean or a Crosswind.

The king of queens is the Navitimer Automatic 35mm, measuring 35mm which is made for women. These watches come with a rose gold case and a rose gold bracelet, costing around €25.000 if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one. 

Most of the watches from Breitling tend to be affordable, but lately the trend goes up: it is harder to get your hands on a new watch because of the scarcity of materials in the world nowadays. You will have to wait at least a couple of weeks or months to get your desired watch. Don’t want to wait that long? You can visit Wristler and search for your perfect pre-owned Breitling watch starting at €1.000 up to €20.000.

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns