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Affordable Swiss Luxury Watch Brands

Swiss Luxury always goes hand in hand with a hefty price tag. At least, that's what people often think, but is that really the case? There are plenty of Swiss luxury watch brands, with prices sometimes exceeding €30,000. Fortunately for us watch enthusiasts, there is also plenty of Swiss luxury to be had for a smaller price. For this you have to abandon the big names such as Rolex , Patek Philippe or Audemars Piquet , but that does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on experience, quality or precision. There are plenty of well-known brands, often with a rich Swiss watch history, from which you can also get a super cool 'affordable' watch under € 2,000. Both new and pre-owned, there is plenty of choice to complement your collection with an affordable luxury Swiss watch! Let's see what the options are.

Oris: Sporty, reliable and durable

Oris is a Swiss watch brand characterized by quality and craftsmanship. In the current Oris collection you will find a number of diving watches. Think of the Oris Divers Sixty-Five or, for example, the Oris Aquis . With their sporty style, these watches are suitable for everyday use and can be found in different colors and sizes. New these watches start somewhere between €1,400 and €1,600. Pre-owned, the choice is somewhat larger, since Oris has been active in the watch market since 1904. Not only the diving watches, but also the classic models, such as the Oris Big Crown, are available for this budget. What sets Oris apart is that they are very conscious of the world as a brand, and often use the proceeds of their watches to raise funds for water conservation projects and other charities.

Longines: Elegant, timeless and refined

Longines is a renowned Swiss luxury watch brand that has been producing timepieces since 1832 (!) and is generally known for its elegant and timeless models. Yet Longines now also has some sportier models in their collection. For someone looking for an affordable sporty luxury Swiss watch, there is a good chance that he or she will end up at the Longines Conquest . This sporty watch usually has a chronograph function and has a water resistance of 50 meters under water. New, these copies can be found for less than € 1,500. For someone looking for some classics, the choice often goes to a watch from the Longines Flagship series. This series has been in production for a long time, and there is a range of different models available for under €1,500, both new and pre-owned. So something for everyone!

Omega: Prestige and precision

Of course, the Omega brand cannot be missing here. Omega has been selling watches since 1848, but still knows how to keep up with the times. Omega is known for its models with historical value, such as the Omega Speedmaster 'Moonwatch' or the Omega Seamaster 300 'James Bond'. Precision is also something that connoisseurs of watchmaking technology like to associate Omega with. Omega's pre-owned range is truly immense. The new Omega models often go for prices of €4,000+, but fortunately vintage models can be found for €1,000. Think for example of a vintage Omega Seamaster 300M 'Pre-Bond'. This is a sporty diving watch whose successor is still in production!

TAG Heuer: Sportsmanship and technology

TAG Heuer, formerly known as Heuer, has a rich history. This history goes back to the foundation by Edouard Heuer in 1860. The brand is closely linked to motorsport. For example, they are active in Formula 1 and sponsor drivers such as Max Verstappen, with watches such as the TAG Heuer Monaco . Because of this relationship with motorsports, TAG Heuer was forced to specialize in precision and timekeeping instruments such as the chronograph function. TAG Heuer was the first to market a commercial mechanical chronograph movement with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second. Models like the Aquaracer go both new and pre-owned for less than €2,000.

The offer

For the lover of Vintage watches, the choice is huge for this budget. You can get hold of a watch from almost every Swiss watch brand under € 2,000, often vintage or pre-owned. Classic designs will predominate, but there is also plenty to find modern on the pre-owned market. If you only want a new and unworn watch, the choice becomes a bit more difficult, but luckily there is something to be found in Quartz as well as automatic or manual winding from the named, and many other brands. Look for the one that suits you and enjoy wearing your luxury Swiss watch.

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