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New Year’s Watch Resolutions 2024 – The Wristler Team

Now that we’ve entered 2024, it’s time to review the past and look to the future. Including looking at our collection of watches and our personal goals when it comes to collecting watches. We’ve put together a nice light reading, so sit back and relax! 

Sem: Gold Vintage Omega's, whats next?

With a really diverse collection, Sem recently acquired a nice solid gold vintage Omega. Which was on his wish list for some time now. Sem will be getting his hands on something new very soon, but we will talk about that later. For now: what’s Sem’s new year watch resolution? Pretty easy, as Sem is an easy-going guy and cares more about tech than watches. We’ve asked him what’s on his list for 2024 and the only answer he came up with, was another Omega. Seems like Sem is into Omega watches, that’s for sure. The Omega that he picked, is a surprise though: a Gold Omega Seamaster 311. And no, we don’t expect you to know which one this is, but it’s a Sedna Gold case, 42mm in diameter and a ceramic bezel. And it looks bad-ass! Sporty, cool but still fancy. As Sem mentioned: ‘This would be the perfect all-day-every-day watch since you can wear it on so many occasions.’

Kas: Moving on from old habbits.

Being crowned as the Vintage Omega lover, is a very hefty weight on your shoulders. I have been wearing a vintage Omega at least once a week. I started with some vintage Seiko 5’s, buty eventually got my hands on some vintage swiss luxury, with the Gold Seamaster Cosmic probably my favourite. While daily-ing my Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic with the Icy Blue dial, I also have to give my Omega Genéve Chronostop 145.010, with the ‘Driver’s edition’ dial some wrist time once in a while. Lately, the Oris Pointer Date has been the watch of choice when going for vintage, and the PRX when wearing a bracelet. I decided that there should be something inbetween. Something vintage, and classy, but on a bracelet. I decided that some of these vintage pieces have to make way for one of these two watches; a Cartier Santos Carrée/Galbée, or a Rolex Date 1501. The Gold/Steel 29mm Santos fits my small wrists perfectly, would hope to find one with a nice patinated dial. If this is not the case, it would be a 1501. The 34mm with the old engine turned bezel really is an eye catcher, even on the old oyster-bracelet, instead of the jubilee. Dial wise, dark blue would be one of my favourites, but silver or white would also be of my wish. 2024 will be the year I have to decide between the Renowned Swiss Crown, or the established Swiss/French jeweler, with at least the same horological history.

Leon: Upping the game?

When you are wearing a Rolex Submariner No-Date on a daily basis, there is not a lot more you could wish for, right? Maybe something to up the game, like an Audemars Piquet Royal Oak, or something along that line. He has been wearing his trusty Bulova Super Seville Daydate from time to time, and has also been seen wearing his vintage Omega Seamaster Cosmic Jumbo 2000 once every while. Leon has acknowledged that his Vintage Omega does not get the wrist time it would probably deserve, so he is deciding to sell that piece to a new owner, and is trying to diversify his collection. To move away from the sporty Sub no-date, he is now looking at something from the Cartier Catalogue. Can you guess what his next horological conquest is going to be? It is, like for Kas, the durable but classy Cartier Santos Galbée. Preferred in gold/steel with a grey/ghost dial and gold numerals. A piece, not seen often, but probably the very best configuration around. What a resolution!

Timo: Only 7 days in a week…

A watch collection that really got out of hand to be honest. Timo’s collection started with a vintage 1601 Datejust, but after the first watch, the second watch was already bought within weeks which was the solid gold Omega Seamaster Cosmic Monobloc. The watch collecting virus really hit him and he has now over 25 watches. And that’s a bit too much, so a lot of watches are going up for sale in 2024 according to Timo. ‘Collecting watches is amazing, but wearing them is even better. And if you’ve got too many watches, you can’t wear them. So, I decided to let go some of my watches and safe up for something really nice this year.’ What’s on the list for 2024? Well, that’s a solid gold Day-Date in 36mm with the well-known president’s bracelet. And when it comes to the Dial, probably a darker one, such as the picture below. A cool Oysterquartz would be awesome as well, so pretty curious what’s 2024 going to bring for Timo and his new year’s watch resolution. 

Matthijs: For everything a first!

A guy who is pretty new to the game, but has a very well thought through vision. As seen on many of our Wristler - Talk Away's, Matthijs wears his Vintage Gold IWC as a daily. This is a beautiful watch with a linnen dial on a leather strap. The problem with collecting watches, is that it never stops at one. That is one of the reasons that Matthijs is looking for something on a bracelet, instead of on a strap, and a steel case, instead of a gold case. With having colleagues like us around him all day, the influence is close by. The watch that Matthijs is looking forward to acquire this year, is based on the collection of Timo, and is the Rolex Datejust 1601. A steel case on a bracelet, with the white-gold fluted bezel, what a piece! Like his IWC with a linnen dial, he is looking for a piece with a more special touch to the dial. The 1601 comes with for instance a grey, silver, linnen or even grey ghost dial. Plenty to choose from for Matthijs!

These are the 2024 watch resolutions from us, the Wristler Team. We are hoping keep on growing this year, watch-collection wise, but business wise aswell. Follow our Journey and stay up to date with our development. If there are any of your 2024 watch resolutions on our platform, feel free to reach out! We will do our best to get you to your next watch-goal. If you are looking for a watch that is not on our platform, make sure to stay up to date of our offering, by using our Safed Search function, or reach out tyo us, and we will try to help you find your watch!

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