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The Chronograph-Expert

TAG Heuer

With the brand dating back from 1860, TAG Heuer is one of the most iconic watchmakers in the luxury watch market. The Swiss manufacturer began back in 1860 producing high-quality timepieces for over 160 years. And you might know one of the most iconic sports people nowadays: Max Verstappen is their ambassador since TAG Heuer is one of the sponsors of the Redbull F1 racing team.

Motorsport affiliated watchbrand

The history of TAG Heuer

The Swiss company was founded back in 1860, by Edouard Heuer. Since the beginning of the company, the’ve started making the best chronographs around. The Swiss manufacturer even added dashboard instruments for cars and aircraft to their watches in the early 20th century. TAG Heuer is affiliated with motorsport ever since the beginning. Jack (the grandson of Edouard) made sure TAG Heuer was the first to join motorsport back in the 1960s. 

Watches like the Autavia, Carrera and Monaco earned cult followings and are still one of the most popular models ever made from the Swiss manufacturer. Nowadays TAG Heuer also produces divers-watches, like the Formula 1 and Aquaracer. What’s cool about the Swiss brand is the fact that they’ve used special materials on their watches, which are also used in motorsport and aerospace industries. 

Based on the Panamericana rally

TAG Heuer Carrera

One of the most iconic watches in the TAG Heuer collection is the Carrera. Ever since the introduction back in 1963, this watch got the name from the famous Panamericana rally, which was the most dangerous event in the 50s. The watch was designed by Jack Heuer himself, making it a classic watch with history. The earlier models where a bit more clean compared to other watches in the Carrera collection, since TAG Heuer thought it was best if the dials were readable. You can get your hands on a vintage or early TAG Heuer Carrera for around €8.000 up to €11.000 for the reference 2447 or 3647 with a Valjoux manual caliber. 

The newer Carrera watches from TAG Heuer are completely different compared to the relaxed look and feel of the vintage models. The design is a bit more wild, even with sekeleton dials, tachymeter bezel and contrasting hands. The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 is one of the most affordable watches in the Carrera collection, costing around €2.100 up to €3.000 for the rose gold version. 

First Square Wrist Chronograph

TAG Heuer Monaco

The first ever square chronograph for everyone’s wrist was the TAG Heuer Monaco, which is seen in the movie ‘Le Mans’ with Steve McQueen. These vintage models are highly sought-after by collectors and thus costing a bit more compared to other Monaco editions. Expect to pay at least €14.000 for a well-maintained piece. 

You can opt for a newer model, costing around €5.500 with a blue, white and red dial with the Calibre 11. If you want to get your hands on a limited piece, make sure to look out for the Monaco Gulf Edition with the former colors of the Gulf Racing Team. This model is limited to 169 pieces and cost you roughly €8.000 up to €14.000.

The Diver's Watch

TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300

While most of the watches in the TAG Heuer collection are meant to use for racing, the Aquaracer is the perfect watch to dive into deep waters. The case is water-resistant up to 300 meters, has a rotatable bezel with a 60-minute scale and features luminous hands and indices. 

You can get your hands on a vintage or pre-owned TAG Heuer Aquaracer from €1.900 up to €3.000 for a brand-new piece.

Prices of the TAG Heuer watches

While the Swiss watchmaker is in the luxury watch market, some models are more affordable compared to other Swiss brands. You can get your hands on the Aquaracer for roughly €2.000, while you can get the Autavia for around €5.000. If you’re in the market for a special edition, eat your heart out when it comes to TAG Heuer. 

They’ve produced many limited editions with extremely cool colorways. One of these watches is the Carrera Porsche Special costing around €6.500. The belt-driven platinum TAG Heuer Monaco V4 is the most expensive watch in the collection, available for roughly €72.5000. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns