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TAG Heuer Aquaracer

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Most popular TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer

With top-models featuring a titanium case and even water-resistant up to 500 meter, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer is one of the most popular watches in the TAG Heuer collection. It’s even highly coveted amongst collectors when it comes to this perfect diver’s watch because of the features and the reasonable pricing. 

Collection of Aquaracers

All about the TAG Heuer Aquaracer

The Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer produces lot of different watches, where the Aquaracer is one of their most popular watches available. The collection of Aquaracers contains a wide range of automatic three-hand watches and chronographs. They feature a unidirectional bezel for measuring dive times. Most of the watches are water-resistant up to 300 meter, but there are some limited editions that can dive up to 500 meter. 

Most of the watches come in stainless-steel, but you can also opt for the titanium Aquaracer or black PVD coated version. Or even a carbon aesthetic one. Each watch houses a caliber based on ETA or Sellita which nicknames like the Calibre 5, Calibre 7 and Calibre 16. 

Prices of the different TAG Heuer Aquaracers

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer is such a popular model amongst collectors and enthusiasts because of the features, but also because the pricing of these watches. You can already call it your own for €1.700 for the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 WAY2110.BA0910 which is made of stainless-steel and measures 41mm. The bigger 43mm Calibre 5 TAG Heuer Aquaracer costs you close to €2.300.  

When you’re in the market for the chronograph, you can opt for the TAG Heuer Calibre 16 Chronograph costing €3.500 on Wristler. This stainless-steel case measures 43mm. The new 2021 model featuring a titanium case in 43mm, is the TAG Heuer Calibre 5 WBP208B.BF0631 which is the most expensive version in the collection. Make sure to bring €4.200 to the table to take it home.

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns