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Hublot Big Bang

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Out with a Bang

The Hublot Big Bang

Since the introduction of the Hublot Big Bang back in 2005, the watch won many awards because of the design. Hublot designed this watch to stand out from the crowd and uses different materials and movements in this piece. The collection of the Hublot Big Bang is divers and measures different case sizes up to 45mm.

First rubber strap watch

The history of the Hublot Big Bang

When the watch was introduced back in 2005, a lot of stirs was caused in the luxury watch making industry. The Swiss manufacturer made their watches from different materials, such as Magic Gold. Hublot was one of the first to ever produce watches with a natural rubber strap. 

Mix that rubber strap with a yellow gold or Magic Gold case, it surely looks different compared to other brands. Combining these contrasting details and materials on the Hublot Big Bang is one of the reasons why this watch is the brands’ flagship model.

Materials used on the Big Bang

Hublot is a special Swiss manufacturer in the luxury watch market. Hublot introduced numerous materials that never been used on watches before, like King Gold which is a mix between platinum alloy and rose gold. Another feature is the Magic Gold mixing ceramic with gold alloy. Some pieces even feature carbon fiber, which is special on wristwatches. Hublot not only uses special materials for their watches, but they also include a different design compared to other brands.

 The emphasized wide cases up to 45mm for example, or the bezel with 6 H-shaped screws. Since 2020 the Hublot Big Bang was available with the integrated bracelets in titanium, King Gold or ceramic (Audemars Piguet also uses the integrated bracelet on their models).

38, 39, 41 or 44mm

Sizes on the Hublot Big Bang

If you’re one of the lucky few with a big wrist, you can opt for the Hublot Big Bang 45. For the rest: just enjoy another Hublot Big Bang. Hublot produces the Big Bang in different sizes, measuring 38, 39, 41 or 44mm in diameter. Not only size matters, but also the materials used on these pieces. You can opt for a 38mm Big Bang filled with diamonds for women, with an extra level of luxury added to the wristwatch.

One cool feature from the 39mm measuring Big Bang is the fact that it is known for its ‘one-click’ method: Hublot outfits it with a system that makes it easy to change the strap with just one click. Prices of these 39mm pieces vary from €12.000 all the way up to €28.000 for a diamond-filled piece.


Both 41 and 44mm Hublot Big Bang watches feature the HUB4100 and HUB4300 automatic chronograph caliber with a 42-hour power reserve. These watches tend to sell between €12.000 and €27.500 on Wristler, so be ready to spend anywhere between that range.

Just like other brands, Hublot produces limited editions of their Big Bang. You can even buy a specific watch from your favorite soccer club, like FC Bayern München, Juventus, Benfica or Chelsea. These pieces sell for around €18.000 for a well-maintained piece. Be quick though, because these don’t come online that often.

Pricing of the Big Bang

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned or new Hublot Big Bang, you can pick whatever you like. And what fits in your budget. When you want your watch to be bigger than everyone else’s watch, you can opt for the Hublot Big Bang Unico 45 Chronograph costing around €58.000. Made of titanium, carbon, sapphire, King Gold or ceramic, you can get your hands on different materials used on the watch. There is a much more affordable version of the Hublot Big Bang Unico: the 38mm stainless-steel with a quartz caliber cost you around €8.000.


When you want your watch to have a huge power reserve, you can opt for the in-house Tourbillon Caliber for the Hublot Big Bang. You can opt for the Meca- 10 and the MP-11. These watches feature the HUB1201 caliber and can run for ten days straight when fully wound. This piece will cost you close to €50.000 all the way up to €85.000 for a sapphire edition. 

  • 100% Authentic watches
  • Safe delivery or pick-up
  • Warranty & easy returns