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Partnership Wristler & JustDiggit

Since the start of Wristler, we've felt it's essential that we give back to our world. And strangely enough, that is not self-evident in the watch industry. We regret that. And that is why we hope to attract as much attention as possible with our partnership with JustDiggit. We tell you what our collaboration looks like, why we chose JustDiggit and why this makes us so happy.

Partner since day 1

Cooling down the planet together

We are now more than two years further since the start of our beautiful company. And of course we are very proud of that. From day one we have been able to join the JustDiggit Foundation. We choose to donate a so-called 'bund' with the sale of every watch. This is a crescent that is dug in the continent of Africa by local residents. Together we provide employment, local residents are trained and they receive the right tools to do their job. So easy.


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Digging bunds

Cooling down the planet

Why is this crescent moon being dug? The half moon (Bund) ensures that the rainwater is collected here, so that the water can eventually be absorbed by the earth. The top layer of the earth is too dry and too hard, so that the water is not absorbed. By digging this crescent moon, this actually happens. And best of all? The water comes back into contact with the original roots deep in the ground. Because the roots get enough water in this way, the forest can grow and break through the too hard top layer of the earth.

Once the afforestation has grown through the top layer, a number of beautiful aspects come into view. Like making the soil fertile again. And finally serious afforestation. Of course more green is better for our planet. But the most important thing is that we can counteract the planet and the associated global warming. By cooling the earth by about 2 degrees. And those are pretty serious numbers.

Be humble, do good

Why JustDiggit?

Why we chose JustDiggit? Firstly because we ourselves have looked for a nice foundation and good cooperation. Where it is clear where the money goes, transparency and honesty. Which we also stand for with Wristler. After contacting JustDiggit, we immediately took the plunge and teamed up. Just like other companies that support the great initiative of JustDiggit. Doing good together, for a better world. In an honest and transparent manner.

Be humble, do good.

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