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Wristler is Europe’s safest and most exclusive watch platform, now trusted by Giorgia Mondani and her MondaniWeb-business. Mondani is one of the biggest influencers in the luxury watch market. Being trusted by over a million people in that industry, we are super excited to announce our partnership with Giorgia Mondani for Wristler. With this partnership, Giorgia Mondani and Wristler join forces to make the world a better and safer place. For customers to buy their (next) dream watch online on Wristler, but also for Mondani’s sellers to become a part of the Wristler family. 

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Giorgia is an outstanding figure in the world of luxury watches. Her success attracts a lot of attention and interviews with Giorgia can be found all over the internet. Interviews with platforms like Fratello Watches, The New York Times and Monochrome Watches. And Wristler, of course. 

Whether buying, selling or simply seeking detailed information, Mondani Web and Mondani Books are among the best resources today. 

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With the exclusive partnership from Giorgia Mondani, Mondani Web and Wristler it becomes clear that Wristler belongs to the top of the luxury watch market, being an independent, transparent and exclusive watch platform where you can safely buy your watch online with the best experience and superior service. Wristler is the best place for certified sellers to sell their treasures to the public, according Giorgia Mondani.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Giorgia Mondani was born in Genoa, Italy in 1984. Her parents, Guido and Franca Mondani, found love for wristwatches, writing multiple books. Giorgia joined her parents' company after her studies. After about a decade, she decided it was time to go her own way and revolutionize the industry. Her unique style and knowledge of the industry had already helped her garner a huge following at the time. This is one thing she leveraged on to create a unique platform known as MondaniWeb.
  • Giorgia Mondani is a big name in the world of luxury watches. She founded Mondani Web, built a reliable network of over 300 certified watch dealers and is serving hundreds of thousands of watch enthusiasts all over the world with her content. Next to that also wrote multiple books and is a Woman Entrepreneur in a men’s dominated industry. All of that just within a few years of MondaniWeb
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